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Wednesday 18 August 2010

Seeing angels

Yesterday I had an EFT session with Sharon King, in which one part required me to bring in a guide to help me (as we had gone back to pre-birth where there was located a trauma to be healed, more of which later). Instantly I had no trouble envisaging my guide as a large angel, which in my mind’s eye I could see as being mainly bright white but with a sort of purplish hue around the edges.
Then this morning, upon reading through text from one of Diana Cooper’s books that we are extracting for an upcoming angel cover mount book, I read this: “At the first angel workshop I ran, I was guiding a meditation. I was clearly told that we were all being too analytical and must stop thinking. Instead we must fill our minds with the colours white and violet. Immediately I felt an immense white-violet light flame in my third eye. I had the most incredible sensation of peace and oneness. Afterwards I discovered that many had felt this same powerful feeling as the angels came closer. To immerse ourselves in the colour white-violet or violet will increase our vibratory rate.”

My first thought was, ‘Wow! I am tuning into the same angel as Diana did – it must have been real!’ but I soon thought afterwards what mind magician Derren Brown would have said: he would have said that having read through the text briefly a few weeks ago when I was choosing what text I wanted to use from Diana’s book – which I did do – I read these words and so my subconscious already had ‘white’ and ‘violet’ in it when relating to angels, so when I was asked to visualise an angel yesterday, this is what my brain came up with.
Derren discounts most of the spiritual phenomena, saying it can all be explained scientifically. I watched with awe one of his stage shows, being shows on Channel4 OD online, in which he accurately predicted what word a random woman in the audience would circle from a randomly selected newspaper from another randomly selected woman in the audience who had torn up the pages. It was incredible. But then at the end of the show he revealed how he’d done the trick; from the beginning, he had been feeding subliminal messages to the audience through what he’d said. He had slipped in the words ‘Daily’ and ‘Mail’ on more than one occasion, as well as the page number he wanted the woman to choose. He had also spoken the word he wanted her to select at numerous points throughout the earlier part of the show. I admit when I was watching it the first time I did pick up on one of the instances where what he said didn’t sound quite right – which was because he had slipped in a word that was incorrect in that context but which he needed to say in order to strengthen the message – but I soon dismissed it as not hearing him correctly (how many times do we do that in real life perhaps?). Watching the parts of the show afterwards when he had clearly been giving these subliminal messages to the audience was fascinating, and makes you wonder why they, and I, did not pick up on it – but then we were not looking for anything out of the ordinary so why would we (on a separate note, it makes you see how advertising is so powerful as the constant stream of images and messages we receive really do have an effect – just look at the vast number of people who think body hair is unnatural and ‘gross’ because we have been trained to think it is by the media, so we can buy their products to remove it – but I digress).

Real or just ‘in the mind’?
My point here is this: was I really tuning in to a white/violet angel just as Diana did, and truly tapping into some other spiritual realm in my therapy session, or was my brain creating that image based on something I read weeks ago but had forgotten? Who knows? Having Libra rising in my astrology birth chart, I am able to sit on the fence quite comfortably and argue for both sides. But it did make me sit up and take note when I read about Diana’s white/violet angel. And comforting to think that perhaps I too was tuning into a real angel. And perhaps that is the point; whether or not science disregards it, if you feel comforted, if you shift negative emotions, if you feel you have benefited from a spiritual experience, then surely that is all that matters?

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