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Monday 18 April 2011

White feathers from the angels?

It’s been over a month since I blogged! I end up feeling stifled creatively, somehow, when I don’t blog for a while, as if I need to let my views out for others to read so they are ‘out there’ in the universe in some form. Today what prompted me to do it, finally, was a white feather. Oh, and a butterfly.

I had ventured outside for my lunch, and found a perfectly secluded spot down by the river, which was a nice little sun trap. So there I was with my feet up, basking in the warm rays and eating my sandwiches, and the thought came to me that I have been so manic, both physically and mentally, of late, and really need to find inner peace (which only last week a spiritual healer had told me I needed to do, while staying at the new spa resort Lifehouse, but more of that later). So, when I had finished eating, I decided to close my eyes, relax my shoulders – they are almost permanently up around my ears – and feel thankful to be in this glorious moment, right now, enjoying the sun, the sounds of the birds and the traffic, everything about my current situation. And, having done a lot of research around cosmic ordering of late, the thought came to me that it is only when most relaxed and happy that the ideal circumstances can manifest themselves. There’s a lot going on in my life at the moment, and at times I get uptight and find myself trying to force things somewhat, or being impatient that things are not happening yet. So, with this in mind I let go of the tension and just allowed myself to be grateful. And that was when a tiny white feather floated down and landed at my feet! Now, I know most people would say, ‘Well it’s only a feather and they are blowing around all the time’. But as editor of Soul&Spirit, and having read numerous times about how feathers are signs from angels, I couldn’t help but wonder... Even if it wasn’t an angel sign, it was a good reminder to me that sometimes, if you sit still and calm, then things land at your feet!

The butterfly effect
But not only that, later as my eyes were shut, I felt a light touch on my left foot; this was at the precise moment I had just decided to be present to my experience, to stop thinking about the past or future, and to enjoy the sun and the surroundings. As I opened my eyes to see what was touching my foot, it looked like – through my sunglasses and with the sun glaring into my face – a big black object, and my immediate reaction was to kick my foot to get this thing off. But as I did, I saw the fluttering wings of a butterfly! Yes, a butterfly had actually landed on me as I was being all Zen and calm. So then I spent the next five minutes wishing I had not kicked it off me and realised what it was. But, then it came and landed on the pavement less than a meter away, so I got to enjoy it basking in the sun too, before I fluttered in front of me again and flew off.
This I felt was another nice reminder of how, if you are still and centred, things come to you because you pose no threat and you are being in the now. And, I thought about how I need to apply this to my own life and career. Rather than worrying about situations or running round like a mad woman trying to get things done, it would do me some good to spend time cultivating peaceful states, and allowing the universe to bring me what I cosmic ordered back in December. Because I know it will; it is already starting to happen. I just have to relax and go with the flow, which is an over-used phrase I hear often but am only now beginning to understand and implement

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