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Thursday 19 August 2010

dreaming of dying

The night before last I dreamt of death; not exactly my own, but in the first half of the dream I was at a place where there was a castle, in medieval times, and the man I was with decided to kill his father in the middle of the night by plunging a sword through his chest (!!). then people started to wake up and both myself and my lover had to go see the dead king and fake being upset, and then we fled in a camper van (or some kind of van - it wasn't so medieval now!) and were hiding out in the Suffolk town of Woodbridge! later in the dream, myself and others were running away from a scary group of men who were after us. We hd run upstairs but I could find no place to hide, and one of the men saw me and I just crouched down into a tiny ball and he shot me with a tranquilizer dart! So I didnt' actually die, but he came over to see whether I was conscious and I was, but I pretended not to be able to move much, hoping he would go away, which in the end he did. and this is all I can remember.

The reason for dying?
This seems pretty horrible, but the next day I was speaking to my advertising lady, who's very knowledgeable about all things spiritual, especially anaything Pagan or to do with Tarot, and she suggested that death symbolised re-birth - the ending of an old cycle. A ha! I thought, this would make sense considering that same day I had had an EFT session with Sharon King (she's on skype at sharon.eft), as during the session we were working on clearing up some painful blocked emotion lodged in my chest. She took me back through the ages of my life to see when it had happened, and I found myself being quite surprised that it was there the whole time, right back to being in the womb. And this is the part where she asked me to envisage a guide to help show me when the pain originated (the white/purple angel I mentioned in the last blog).

Past life memory
So, this angel showed me a scene of a castle, where I was working as a stable girl, tending to a horse. I was deeply sad as the man I loved had left me. I wont go into detail about the whole session as it will take ages, but basically, we tapped on the memory of the girl, then the angel filled her with golden light and showed her the future, which was happy with her and her new husband and family. This made her feel better, more confident and strong. And then we brought this healing golden energy back into the present, into me before I came into this body, so as to release the stuck enery right now. and it worked! (OK so part of me was sceptical, as always, that I had been just making it all up in my mind, but then the outcome was positive and I ended up going on to have the amazing walk in the park - see previous blog 'higher states of consciousness' so for me, the session worked).

So back the death dream: I wondered, then, whether I truly had shifted some energy from my past, and started a new, positive cycle, and the dream wwas signifying the ending of that old me, trapped in negative cycles with relationships, and starting a fresh new phase??? It's perhaps too soon to tell, but perhaps if I truly believe it, then I will see results, as the mind is a powerful thing...

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