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Friday 13 August 2010

New ways to change your life

There’s no doubting that we humans get ourselves stuck in habitual patterns in life, whether that be negative cycles in relationships, or over eating, or other addictive behaviour from which we just can’t seem to break free. Of course, this can be true of positive habits and cycles, but it’s the unhelpful patterns we want to work on and to be free from – but how?
Yesterday I met Karl Dawson, EFT Master (emotional freedom technique), who has discovered the ‘next step on’ from EFT, which he calls ‘Matrix Reimprinting’.
How it differs from EFT – which is where you tap on various energy points on the body while talking about a negative past experience, in order to move the blocked energy and therefore release you from the negative pattern – is that now you not only tap on yourself, but you go into the painful past memory, which Karl calls an ‘echo’, and imagine tapping on that younger version of yourself to free the trapped energy from the you from the past.
Then, you recreate a positive image to replace the old negative one.
I had a session, which I will write about more fully in an upcoming issue of the magazine, and maybe also on this blog, but I just wanted to write down a few of my thoughts from the session.

Everything is energy

In his book Matrix Reimprinting using EFT: Rewrite your past, transform your future (Hay House; £12.99), Karl explains, using examples of studies done by other eminent spiritual scientist such as Bruce Lipton and others, how everything in the universe is vibrating, and that everything is energy no matter how solid it appears. Also, that what happens with humans is that often in the first six years of life, when we are most impressionable, we can inadvertently create negative beliefs in response to certain events, which sets up a vibrational pattern that can go on to become the bane of our lives.
What happens, says Karl, is that our traumatic events get trapped in the matrix of life and end up repeating themselves over and over, unless we put a stop to them by telling the body that the trauma is now over and doesn’t need to continue with that thought or behaviour. And Matrix Reimprinting, he says, can do this with a 100 per cent success rate (though the number of sessions needed can vary from person to person).

Law of attraction
Karl also talks about how this all relates to the Law of Attraction, and how we send out vibrations to the Matrix through our hearts. We attract back events and people similar in vibration to ourselves. Therefore, if you have negative core beliefs – especially ones that are subconscious, as these are the ones that rule our lives – then saying affirmations on their own wont work: you have to deal with the underlying issues first in order to then attract what you do want.
This is all a hugely interesting subject for me, and one I will be looking into more deeply. But what I have discovered so far, is that the more therapies I try and books I read, the more I find similarities and links between them all. And this makes sense, because it’s all an evolutionary process at the end of the day. Twenty years few people would have believed in EFT (I don’t think it had been invented then), but it is based on things like acupuncture and psychotherapy, which have been around thousands of years. The energy therapies are evolving and changing as we learn more about how energy works, and Matrix Reimprinting seems to me to be at the forefront of these techniques. Though in another ten years or so, I’m sure there will be further developments and refinements as we evolve to a greater understanding of how the universe works, and there will be more therapies with new names. But this is as it should be – everything changes and evolves.

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  1. I agree Katy; 20 years ago people were still being thought of as very odd if they mentioned anything slightly spiritual. Now it's much more accepted to have emotions and be aware of them.