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Katy Louise writes about health, wealth, happiness and relationships, and the spiritual insights she gains along her path. She is currently editor of Top Sante magazine (www.topsante.co.uk). Prior to that she was editor of Bodyfit magazine (now Your Fitness www.yourfitnesstoday.com) and the launch editor of Soul&Spirit magazine (www.soulandspiritmagazine.com). Katy is also a certified Fitsteps and STOTT Pilates instructor. She is the go-to girl for all matters relating to health, wellbeing and spirituality.

Sunday 31 October 2010

Enlightenment in the bath!

Wasn’t it Einstein who had his Eureka moment while sitting relaxing in the bath, and working out the theory of displacement? (or am I confusing my scientists?) Anyway, they say the bath is often a place where ‘a ha’ moments occur, and having just gotten out of the bath I wanted to share my own ‘a ha’ moment. It’s nothing original, and plenty of people will have thought it before, but it was quite a profound stream of thoughts for a quiet Sunday night.
As I laid there, holding my hands out of the water with fingers drooping down, watching each water droplet form and then fall off my fingertips, I had a sudden thought about’ oneness’. You see, I read so many articles and books that talk about ‘oneness’ but it never seems to be very tangible, yet here I was in the bath, having a direct experience of it: as each water droplet formed and fell into the water, it occurred to me (and this is obvious but I had not really thought about it before now) that as soon as it fell in, there was suddenly no droplet anymore, no defining boundaries to it or ways to identify that droplet from the rest of the bath water. It had, in essence, gone back to its source. Where was the droplet? It was no more, but yet it still was, for it was part of the rest of the water.

Drip drip drop...
Also, as I watched each one drop off my fingers, and cause small ripples out across the surface, it occurred to me that each drop of water was causing an effect, so although it was ultimately all one, an individual drop could cause motion. And then as I pulled the plug, 99 per cent of the water was to rush down the plug hole to meet with an even larger body of water, which in turn would lead out to the sea, thus returning all the water droplets to whence they came. The other one per cent, I thought, would end up on my towel, which would eventually evaporate and into the air, ending up in the clouds and then one day falling as rain back into the oceans.
And this led me to another thought; we like to give names to things, including the oceans, but really we are only naming areas of water: they are really all one body of water. There is no exact end and beginning to the Atlantic Ocean (apart from where it meets land, of course) but my point is that it is not separate from any of the other oceans, as water is free to flow from one to the other. This means that technically, a water particle from the North Sea, could end up in the Pacific (depending on currents and weather and probably loads of other scientific stuff). But it’s possible.

We are all one
Anyway, where am I going with all this? I suppose my ultimate thought was that if all water is one, then we humans are also all one. When we die, out bodies decompose and go back to the earth. Like the water droplets, we can each cause ripples with our individual lives, i.e we can all make an impact whether large or small, but when we die we all go back to source: our bodies to the earth, and our spirits back to who knows where – source, universe, God, whatever you want to call it. And, every single person is relevant and important. For while one water drop may not be able to do much on its own, it could be the water drop that finally causes a roof to collapse, or be the final droplet that causes a stalactite and a stalagmite to join up, or a drop that nourishes one tiny seed and causes a plant to grow. You just don’t know how one little drop of water is going to affect things. This is the same with people. Ultimately we are all made of the same thing, and we are all one, but while we are in our individual bodies we can make a huge impact on the lives of others. One person might be responsible for writing a book that changes people’s outlook on life; one more person added to a group might cause enough momentum for change (either positive or negative); one person might be responsible for starting a revolution. You just never know.

So, that was my profound thinking for a Sunday night bath! It’s certainly helpful to remember that we are all connected, as this can lead to a greater sense of community, and more responsibility for our actions, as they will always have an impact on others.

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Is your life guided?

Is life just as series of random encounters or is there a pattern woven through the cosmos, to make certain things happen? This is something I have been pondering of late, especially in light of an email I received from an author the other day. It began in the usual way, along the lines of ‘I am a fan of your magazine and read all manner of spiritual books, and have written my own in which you might be interested’ etc.
However, half way down the email, when this gentleman mentioned his work involved travelling around the world tasting chocolate, I had one of those light bulb moments when I realised ‘I know this guy’. And so I emailed back saying how and why I knew of him.
Back in 2004, when I was finishing my journalism diploma and sending out CVs to prospective employers, I had come across an advert for an editor on a magazine called Kennedy’s Confection, all about chocolate and the baking industry. I applied, and though didn’t’ have enough experience at that time, the editor kindly suggested I go and pay them a visit, as I had expressed such a keen interest in chocolate – one of my life’s passions (and which I also write about for another magazine we publish here, called SmartLife). However, the meeting never took place as I then was offered the job on the East Anglian Daily Times, a regional newspaper in Suffolk, which I took up and so never pursued the other avenues.

Coming around again
So, what I found weird, was that all these years later, I receive an email from the this same guy, at Kennedy’s Confection, telling me how much he likes Soul&Spirit and how he wants to send me his book: based on his diary of how he went from a dead-end sales job, to running his own magazine and earning tons of money, AND getting to eat chocolate (I wont’ pretend I’m not just a tad jealous of that!).
I mean, it all seems rather bizarre how small the world is and how there are so many connections. Is this because we were destined to meet anyway one day? Or he or I have some important information for each other? Or just to rejoice in our love of chocolate? I don’t know. But I also find it strange, and amazing, that back in 2003 I was reading Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, when at the time in an unsatisfying job, and only five years later I am interviewing her for this magazine! The same goes for Jon Sandifer, who writes the Eastern Stars I Ching Astrology predictions in the mag: I chanced upon one of his books back in 1999, when I was working at BBC Suffolk (it had been sent in for review), and became fascinated and engrossed with it – and now he writes for me!

Joining the dots
Perhaps this is all an example of how all those little events of the past were leading me to where I am now? And that only now are they all beginning to link up and make sense. Having such a strong interest in spiritual matters has certainly stood me in good stead working on Soul&Spirit – in fact it’s a must, as if you are not into this sort of thing, this job would be a nightmare! Perhaps it’s also an example of how you attract the right things to you, at the right time. Either way, I am finding it all slightly strange, yet exciting and fascinating, to be joining the dots and seeing connections to things throughout my life, and marvelling at the cyclical nature of it all. For life is a huge cycle, filled with smaller cycles. Our lives have their own rhythm and cycles, and, I find, the same situations present themselves over and over until you learn the lesson and do something different. I’m not sure what I am meant to be learning from this particular encounter with the chocolate editor, unless it is just to enjoy more chocolate, and I’m not going to argue with that! 

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Friday 22 October 2010

Awestruck by the moon

Last night, as I turned off the lights in my living room to go to bed, I glanced back as I thought I had left a lamp on, for the room still seemed bright; but no, it was the brilliant white light from the moon streaming through the blinds and onto the carpet. I could not even see the moon through the window as it was so high up, so I went to the window and laid on the carpet, batheing in the rectangle of moonlight that was created. And as I did so, the Louise Hay affirmation CD I'd been listening to earlier that day came to mind; so I started listing off affirmation after affirmation, mainly about being free from the past, releasing all fear and anxiety, having smooth, supple and healthy skin (as my eczema had flaired up), releasing all blame and anger, and inviting love and prosperity into my life.
I even remembered to put my white and clear crystals on the windowsil for a boost of moon energy!

I love the moon; it always makes me smile, whether a sliver high up in the sky, or a huge red orb hanging on the horizon. The full moon is tomorrow (October 23) so I hope you all get to see it and enjoy its energy. 

Friday 15 October 2010

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Sunday 10 October 2010


Today has been the most glorious autumn day I think I have ever known. In fact the whole weekend has been great, weather wise. But it was more than that. There was a spring-like feel to the day. I went out at around half nine to go to the nearby park and as I sat on a bench surveying the town below me, with not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky, it felt as if there was something different about the energy. It’s hard to describe, but I almost didn’t feel like I was in Colchester. It felt like being on a foreign holiday, what with it being so hot and sunny, but yet it was more than that, and I’m finding it hard to describe…
I know I felt very peaceful, and happy. The sun certainly does make us all feel in a more cheery mood, but it was this warmth added to that spring or autumn-like crispness that made it feel kind of ‘buzzy’. I think I could have happily sat on that bench and soaked up the sun all morning, but then a mother and her cute toddler came to join me, and that was fine but as soon as she lit up a cigarette I knew it was time to go (I can’t stand smoking).

Fresh starts
Later in the day I went for lunch at a beach-front café in Felixstowe, with my best friend. Again, it felt like being on holiday due to the warmth, and all the people out walking along the prom. I think it was the lack of clouds in the sky that made it such a remarkable day. Everything just felt so different, somehow, so clear and vibrant. I wonder whether it is linked to the new moon that happened on Thursday (and that day felt different and special somehow, too) , or whether today was 10/10/10? Lots of people were doing world peace meditations around the world today, or marking this numerological event in some way.
Who knows, whether it was something cosmic, or meteorological, or numerological, the day certainly had a fresh, vibrant feel to it and I just felt so glad to be alive. Yesterday I even cleaned the windows of my flat – something that has not been done in the two and a half years I’ve lived there – and this small act has made such a difference to the energy of the house: it’s like being able to see suddenly, having had a filter across your eyes – it makes the place seem to much cleaner. I’m sure this is all good feng shui-wise, as new moons link to new starts and those are always aided by a good clear out. The only thing I didn’t get round to doing was taking clothes to charity or putting them on ebay. But I just could not bring myself to stay inside today – I had to get out and enjoy the sun!! For who knows when we’ll next see it again for such a prolonged period…
Anyway, I just wanted to make note of this glorious day, and I hope you all got to enjoy it too

Thursday 7 October 2010


No, I’m not hyphenating that word to make it sound all Craig-Revel Horwood on Strictly (A-ma-zing) but because I’ve just had a fantastic spiritual insight about how to become more abundant, which I want to share with you. But first, I need to talk a bit about today, and how I came to my ‘interesting’ new insight….
Today had a mystical energy about it. There was a huge contrast from the previous grey and gloomy days, in that today it was bright, sunny and almost spring-like (at least here in Colchester). There was a smell in the air that reminded me of being a child at home at my parents’ house. It felt fresh and new. More vibrant than the previous days this week. And perhaps there was a different energy as today was the day of the new moon, or the ‘dark moon’ as the Pagans call it.

New moon affirmations
I’ve never really been one to do spells and affirmations (shame on you, I hear you cry, as I work for a spiritual magazine!) but today I happened to read Joylina Goodings’ email update, mentioning that because it is a new moon today, it’s a great time to write yourself an abundance cheque. So I thought, hey, why not. I logged on to her site (joylina.com) and followed the steps. Firstly I made myself a ‘cheque’ out of an old envelope, and in the Pay section I wrote my name, then in the other blank bits wrote ‘paid in full’ as per Joylina’s instructions. Finally I signed it ‘Law of abundance’. You are also not to date it.
I’d also decided to create a little ritual around this, as Joylina says you create more positive energy and intent this way, and intention is the key. So I lit some incense, and found myself some objects to represent abundance: one, a piece of citrine, which is the stone said to be associated with financial abundance, and secondly, two paper weight hearts – one red and one pink – to represent abundance in love. I lit two tiny candles and placed my ‘abundance cheque’ in between them, on top of which I placed the objects. Oh, and I also had a large money plant on the table too, which had been going all limp and crusty of late as I had neglected to water it, but which I had rescued and revived for the past week or so.
And then I cried. I had not expected this part. My intention had been to fill myself with positive thoughts for now and the future, not to cry over the past. But I found my mind wandering to recent events, and also to my family in their home for some reason, and wanting to surround them, and my ex boyfriend, with loving energy. As I envisaged this, I could not help but shed some tears. Tears of sadness but also tears of a new strength; to move forward with trust and faith in the universe to take me to wherever and whoever will be best for me. I cannot know the future – despite the many people who claim to read futures I still believe it’s 50/50 destiny and free choice – so I put my faith into the abundance cheque to deliver prosperity, not just in financial terms but in love, health, happiness, peace, creativity, fulfilment, etc. For abundance can be delivered in multiple ways. I imagined myself walking forward on a path, with the past slipping away down a cliff side as I progressed, meaning there was no turning back, and that if I did turn back I too would fall down the cliff! A bit severe, I know, but it seemed to do the trick. And what better time to do this than on a new moon – the representation of a brand new cycle.

Dancing and cakes
And as I opened my eyes and glanced at the cheque, I noticed something interesting that had never before occurred to me: the word abundance is made up of a, bun, and dance. Well, I love to dance and I love buns – what a great combination! I always say I will do more dancing, so perhaps this is the first place to start on my abundance – to bring more dancing and joy into my life. And as for the buns, maybe it’s time to buy a pinny and go all Nigella Lawson (or maybe that new girl Gizzi Erskine, the one who looks like Audrey Hepburn) and become a domestic goddess. A dancing domestic goddess!!! I’m not sure where this is all leading me, but it just came to me as I was relaxing after my little abundance ritual, and I wanted to share it with you. So next time you want more abundance in your life, try some cake and dancing, though perhaps not together or you’ll get indigestion! A-bun-dance. There you have it – the secret to a happy life indeed.

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Sunday 3 October 2010

The tea that breathes... AHHHH!

Just quickly as it's late and I need to get to bed (way too many late nights!) but I just wanted to say how FANTASTIC Gaia Pollini is and her amazing tea ceremony. I never used to drink tea, especially not the bog-standard stuff everyone has with milk and sugar, but Gaia's Chinese tea ceremony with the most rare and precious teas in the world has to be experienced. It's like a meditation; you go into a different zone, you are at one with the tea! I know this sounds crazy but it's true...
I first experienced Gaia's tea ceremony at her retreat in Italy - The Hill that Breathes (which I have written about in much earlier blogs back in July and August), so when I heard she was coming to London to do another one I instantly booked on to it. I wondered whether the same chilled atmosphere would be created here in London as it was in Italy - with the circadas whirring in the trees, the warm breeze and the beautiful space of her house - and I am pleased to report that it was. After about 20 minutes of us all being very chatty, we seemed to mellow and the group just zoned out as the tea did its work.

Wisdom brew
We began with a white tea - good for the lungs, any grief and sadness, and also clearing the head. A couple of us reported that it felt like it gave us headaches, but not in a normal headachy way; this was like a slight pressure in the head but it was not unpleasant. Gaia said this was the energy moving, which was great.
Then we went on to an oolong tea, which I think was called Master Teacher, or Wisdom tea or something like that. It came from a 900-year-old tree in China and was very rare. This stronger smelling and tasting tea really warmed my belly and started bringing to the surface repressed sadness, not just for me for for a couple of the participants. But this was all good, said Gaia, as the tea works differently on each person, and what happens is all natural and how it is meant to be.

Bringing up emotions
The space Gaia creates for everyone to just be with what they are experiencing, exactly as it is in the moment, is just so precious; it has taken me a good many years to be able to cry in front of other people (other than my mum, that is) and really be present to my emotions but I think, gradually, I am getting there, and it feels great! and all thanks to some tea! well, this time at least.
I already have some of the green tea at home and one of the oolongs, which I bought in Italy, and plan to make them for myself more often. I learned I was doing it wrong before - using water that was a) out of the tap and b) too hot (you need bottled water as the tea is so 'sensitive', and for green tea it must be at 75 degreed C).

So thank you to Gaia, a gorgeous, wonderful woman who heals everyone she meets xxx

For more information, check out www.theteathatbreathes.com to find out about Chinese teas and how to make them.