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Thursday 23 September 2010

Will you ascend to a fifth dimension?

I’ve just been reading an article about a new book called The Annunaki Plan or The Human Plan? By Chris Thomas. It’s in this month’s Cygnus Review (a free newsletter about spiritual books). Initially I thought ‘what a boring book cover – just white with the title on it’ – but something made me read it as it was relating to 2012, and I am really interested in that subject; I’ve read a number of books about what the significance of 2012 is, i.e. the ending of a great age, or cycle of time, and the birth of a new era.
Chris talks about something I have never before heard: a theory that the ‘ascension’ everyone is going on about in 2012 – raising our vibration to ascend to a new dimension or something like that – is in fact a trick. His theory states that there is an alien race, called the Annunaki, who claim to have created humans as a slave race, to one day be transported off the planet and taken ‘away somewhere’ where all our troubles will be gone: no more worry about global warming, no more food shortages, inequality of wealth, nuclear threats etc. Sounds idyllic on the one had (this is supposing this were even true), but what he warns us that by abandoning our planet Earth, we will be abandoning the task God has set out for us, which he says is to answer the question: is human life possible? I think we have proven that it is, or we would not be here, but I think what he means is, can we live in harmony with the planet and other species? And so far we have proven a resounding no. All this talk of ascension to another dimension is a trick, he says, to get us to abandon our grand plan as humans.

Life imitating art?
Yes, part of me – a big part of me – thinks it sounds mad to even be contemplating the idea of an alien race called the Annunaki who want to take us off the planet and make us their slaves. Yeah right! Surely it’s the script for the next blockbuster staring Will Smith? But there is also something in me that thinks well, why not? Speaking of popular culture, this sort of things is explored al the time, and life and art often overlap. The first example that comes to mind is The Simpsons, in which I saw an episode where Homer and his family are captured by aliens and taken onto a spaceship, where the aliens treat them very well and dupe them all into thinking they are going to have a wonderful life. It’s only when Lisa catches one of the aliens reading a book called ‘how to cook a human’ that she realises they are to be made into a feast! Eventually they escape, of course. Science fiction is also abound with stories of humans existing in space ships and doing battle with other races. And maybe these stories and TV programmes are actually alluding to what might one day happen. After all, hundreds of years ago no one would have believed humans would fly, or talk to each other through little devices called mobile phones. Space travel must be on the agenda for the future, and when it is, perhaps we will encounter such events as we see in Star Trek. Why not?

Is ‘ascension’ really so great?
But back to the article; Chris doesn’t state what the answer is (I am sure the book explores that, but I have yet to read it) but he does seem to be suggesting that rather than concern ourselves with alien races and star gates and what is happening ‘out there’ in the galaxy for 2012, we instead keep our focus grounded, and on how to solve the problems we have already created here on Earth. He says if it is true that an alien race want to help us ‘ascend’ and move off the planet and to a higher dimension, then it could be a trick. Not only this, but he says abandoning Earth would be a mistake (if and when we get that option), because we have to face up to our own mistakes and not run away from them. Creating problems – in this case global ones – and then washing your hands of them and running away just leaves the people that are left behind with a big mess to deal with. And perhaps that will happen one day. Perhaps these spiritually ‘advanced’ people who are so concerned with ascension and contacting other races will one day get the choice to leave Earth (or their forebears, more likely), believing themselves to be ‘evolving’ in some way. But maybe they are being misled? For as Chris says in the article, there is no saying where they will be taken. Maybe the real challenge is to stay on Earth and learn to live in harmony with one another. Who are these angels and higher beings that are supposedly ‘channelled’ by a whole host of writers for our advancement? Maybe Chris is asking us to be a bit more discerning, and question the motives of such writings? If we are being ‘guided’ then is it really for our highest good? How can we be sure? These are just some of the things I wonder when reading about all this stuff. Books on 2012 will tell you that it is both ‘the end of the world and destruction of the planet’ yet also a ‘time for spiritual evolution and rebirth’. You can read good and bad about anything and everything. 

A message not to shirk responsibility?
I know I have veered into what would be considered by most as completely wacky territory, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg of a whole host of writings I get to read about ascension and aliens and the like. Like a true politician, I like to neither confirm not deny anything, and I tend to be open to all ideas and discount none, just in case. Who knows, maybe one day the aliens will come – they did in the film Independence Day – or maybe they are already among us, as in Men in Black (hmmm, both Will Smith films. He does look slightly odd – maybe he is one of them?!). Will we fight them or go with them? Will they help us or kill us? Will we even ever have to face these questions? Is the author of this book just a mad man? Who knows…
But perhaps it’s all an allegory, with the message being this: don’t shirk responsibility. Being lured off the planet, which is struggling and dying from our stupid mistakes, by the temptation of ‘spiritual advancement’ might just be a metaphor: for not accepting offers that are too good to be true – as they often are. Perhaps spiritual enlightenment, whatever that means, is just another object of desire, a shiny golden prize we strive for that will, just like material possessions, not lead to happiness and just to another downfall (and in the theory above, into the hands of an evil alien race who want to turn us into slaves!)

The Annunaki Plan? Or The Human Plan? One will kill you and the other will save you, by Chris Thomas – available through cygnus-books.co.uk


  1. Here's link to a video on the Anunnaki I came across over 2 years ago. It's brief but you might find it interesting. Enjoy :)


  2. Annunaki isn't really just one alien race it's all of them.

    The race that Chris Thomas may have been referring to is one out of the Orion system.

  3. Good stuff Katy. I'm not sure if this commenting business is working or not! but here's a link I came across over 2 years ago on the Anunnaki. You might find it interesting.