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Friday 17 September 2010

FREE angel book by Diana Cooper!

Do you believe in angels? I confess I knew nothing of angels before I started working on Soul&Spirit but have since become acquainted with the many names of the archangels, and their different purposes through the writing of the experts in the magazine.
The October issue, which is on sale today, contains a free booklet we put together containing the words of one of the UK’s best-known and loved angel experts, Diana Cooper. In this extract from her popular title, A New Light on Angels, Diana recounts numerous experiences of seeing and hearing angels, who came into her life some 30 years ago at a particular low point. They even showed her that she would one day be on a stage teaching angel wisdom to the masses! She writes about one workshop, in which a business man had his guardian angel behind him; the man leaned backwards and felt enveloped in the warm, protective wings. Diana also includes some short exercises to help feel connected to your own guardian angel.

I believe in angels
I have never had an angel encounter myself, but I do believe in them as I’ve talked to a number of, to my mind, credible people who have seen and heard them, including Lorna Byrne (there is also an interview with her in the October issue about her latest book Stairway to Heaven), as well as many others. And I don’t doubt their experiences. I have found white feathers before, which are meant ot be an angel sign. The most recent was probably the most unexplainable, too, as I was arriving back to the place I was living at at the time, and opened my bag and picked out a white feather! My mind instantly thought ‘well I must have found it last time I used this bag and put it inside’ but I don’t’ recall doing that. This was a bag I hardly ever used – only for festivals as it was an across-the-body style and very small. How had the feather got there? It was a at time when I was emotionally stressed and upset, and in the process of leaving my boyfriend at the time, so I wondered whether it was a sign from the angels to comfort me? Who knows. My logical minds still does not accept it as there can be rational explanations for it to be there. What I really want is a huge bit angel to appear in my room and give me a message!!! Is that asking too much? Most people tend to get angelic help and messages in times of danger or stress, and neither have ever really applied so far so maybe you have to be in big trouble for an angel in intervene? But that’s not the case with Diana, and Lorna, who see and hear angels on a regular basis now. Maybe I need to invite them into my life and believe in them more, as I’m a strong believer that the saying ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ is backward and should really be ‘I’ll see it when I believe it’.

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