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Monday 20 September 2010

Hearing the spirit of my great grandmother?

There is one experience in my life that I can’t quite explain and was perhaps an angel, or a spirit of some sorts. I was aged 24 and living in Sydney at the time in an apartment near Bondi Beach, with another girl, who was out that evening. 
I had taken a bath to relax before going to bed. Despite living in what was pretty much paradise, I confess I was in mental turmoil at the time, as I my head was filled with stress over various things, including whether or not to stay in my well-paid but non-stimulating job, and also whether to not to stay living in this apartment (which was tied in to whether I stayed in the job, as one paid for the other). I wanted to leave and go travelling but basically was gripped with fear: fear of not being able to support myself financially if I did leave the job (in the end I did leave the job but ended up back in the UK – but that is a long story). Anyway, I had been falling asleep in the bath and kept jolting awake, so when I got out and got into bed, I was in that sleepy, very relaxed state between consciousness and unconsciousness. And because of that, my mind, unusually, was very quiet. After about a minute of being in bed, I ‘heard’ what seemed like a two syllable word spoken very close to my head. It sounded a bit like my name. I knew the ‘voice’ was not in my head, as it scared me and made me pull the covers up and over my head out of fear! My heart rate also shot up as I was freaked out. But after around ten minutes I did fall asleep.
Months later I was back in the UK and had a reading with a medium. She told me my great grandmother was always around me, supporting me. I asked her whether it could have been her over in Australia, and she said yes, it probably was. I guess I will never know, but that is the closest I’ve gotten to a ‘spooky’ experience of sorts.

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