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Monday 25 February 2013

How to detox in 1 minute! My pre-breakfast 'power cleanse'

In addition to my 'power porridge' breakfast I posted about yesterday, I meant to mention this lot too, which precedes the porridge...

DETOX TRIO: Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel, a lemon, and Herb Farmacy detox tincture provide a healthy 'flush' to my system each morning! (note the irony of the 'death by chocolate mug - I ought to get one that has a healthy message on it instead!)

I've been taking Forever Living aloe vera gel (foreverliving.com) for a couple of years now and can't rate it highly enough (I'm not paid by them to say this either). It's probably the only supplement, of all the liquids and pills I've tried, that has an almost immediately noticeable effect, and definitely seems to work better than the capsule form.
If you're eating your breakfast you may want to avert your eyes at this point.... but aloe really keeps you regular! I think it's important to include all types of health when wanting to be fit and healthy, inside and out, so bowel health ought to be discussed more than it is. After all, the beautiful and much loved Audrey Hepburn died of colon cancer, and even now it gets far less attention than other cancers.

Multitude of health benefits:
Anyway, taking aloe is just great for so many other reasons too: it keeps the body lubricated, including joints, and is an anti-inflammatory, meaning it's working to lessen the effects of any acid-forming foods you might be eating (dairy, meat, sugar - all the usual culprits). I take 10ml of it neat first thing in the morning, and yesterday added my Bodyism Beauty Food powder to it, having wondered whether I might be killing some of the goodness by adding it to my heated porridge. (bodyism beauty food)
I've also been adding this Herb Farmacy detox tincture (herbfarmacy.co.uk to hot water and squeezing the juice of half a lemon into it. The combination provides a great kick start to the liver and to peristalsis, thereby also aiding the elimination of waste.


  1. This is a great article. There are so many great benefits to doing a detox (in whatever form) and I'm sure your body will thank you for it!

    1. Hi! My blog went down for a few months hence the late reply. Thanks for the comment :-)

  2. Hi Katy!
    Would you say that green tea is also a good idea to have with breakfast in order to become more healthy? Also, what other supplements have you tried prior to this one?
    Many thanks!

    1. Yes I'd say green tea is excellent. It's full of catechins, which have been shown to help the slimming/detoxing process. re other supplements, I'm currently taking lots of strong pro-biotics, along with things to help balance my hormones, inc liquorice root extract, chaste berry extract, dong quai - all good for women, esp ones who have been over-stressed!

  3. I've recently restarted drinking a pint of warm water with lemon when I wake up. I already own a bit bottle f pure aloe vera juice and simply didn't think to combine the two. I know how I'll be starting my day tomorrow. Thanks :)

    1. Yes I didn't know either until I learned from someone on a Tai Chi course I attended. it makes sense as it's more palatable, and makes it last longer too :-)