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Friday 19 September 2014

Your Journey to a better life starts NOW!

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Ever feel overwhelmed and in a total rut? Or does the past weigh you down? If you find yourself wasting hours a day re-hashing past mistakes, decisions, actions or non-actions and are fed up of not knowing what to do next, or feeling crushed by the perceived weight of your situation, then it's time to banish negative behaviour for good and begin to see the light (which, by the way, comes from within yourself, not some far-off paradise).

Re-playing events and wishing you'd done things differently, or getting mad about things you wish you'd said, only keeps you trapped in the past, cycling round and round. When you do this, you're missing the moment and stopping potentially wonderful outcomes in their tracks.

I know how this feels. One of my worst habits - which I'm working on changing - is to beat myself up on a regular basis for not having achieved more in my life; for making certain decisions and thinking they were wrong in some way; for feeling so incredibly frustrated with myself that I stay locked in a cycle of negativity instead of seeing and using all the positive things around right NOW.

Yeah, I've read the Power of Now, and loads of Buddhist books about staying in the present moment, allowing negative emotions to pass through like clouds in the sky, but it's easier said than done! Especially if you're on your own, reading a book, wondering how the hell any of it is going to have a direct effect on your, as you sit alone in your living room. Change often seems unachievable.

Putting knowledge into action - your Journey to freedom
That's why having assistance from others, and from practical processes, helps you shift your energy. It's no good just reading books over and over as I've done, and not applying what you are learning.
One way to really make a quantum shift in your life is with something called The Journey. It was developed by Brandon Bays, who healed herself of a massive tumour at the age of 39 thanks to a process of forgiveness, releasing, letting go and moving on.
Back in 2008 I came across this process and wrote about it in www.soulandspiritmagazine.com, which I was editing at the time. During the 2-day seminar, in which 300-or-so people came together for what can only be described as mass healing, I learned how to peel away layer upon layer of excuses and fears to leave me open to creating life afresh.

Feel it to heal it 
On The Journey, you come to realise that if you don't deal with your rubbish/baggage/past call it what you will, then you'll haul it around with you until it becomes so heavy it breaks you. The process they teach allows you to rid yourself of negative beliefs, sabotaging behaviours and old emotional wounds in a safe environment. You may not even realise that what a teacher told you at age five has been having a detrimental effect on your career all this time, or that something your mum did when you were a child has impacted upon your relationship with food, or even men.
So, if you keep repeating a negative relationship pattern, or money is a constant word, or maybe you feel trapped in a destructive cycle with food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, anything, then The Journey may be able to help, as it has for thousands across the world.

The Journey Intensive comes to London this autumn (11th Oct in Cardiff, and 15th Nov in London), and as someone who's tried it and benefited, I wanted to let you know about it. This type of work is challenging and will push your buttons, but if you dare to take it on, and face all the fears and repressed emotions you've buried inside for far too long, then you'll reap massive rewards.

You can experience The Journey and what the course has to offer this Thursday, September 25th with their first ever Global Gathering event, which is online and available for everyone to attend. Meditate, break through limiting blocks, and get a feel for how The Journey might be able to help you. All for FREE :-) Click here: Journey Global Gathering

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