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Monday 17 December 2012

Moving into the 'Hippy healing house'!

I don't know whether it's the 2012 effect but December, and even November, have felt really edgy somehow, as it there is change afoot; others I've spoken to have felt the same thing. It's kind of unsettling but in an exciting way. This Friday, as all the planets line up and we are meant to get a blast of cosmic energy from the centre of the galaxy (I think that's correct), it's said to herald the beginning of a new era; old modes of being will fade away and outdated institutions will begin, slowly at first, to become less relevant and eventually morph into new companies and technologies.
On a individual level, lots of people I know have undergone massive change; one friend even changed homes and jobs in the space of a month, both of which she'd been in for around 13 years. And she managed to stick to her diet throughout the stress! Incredible. Another friend had a bad breakup, and at work, lots of people have changed jobs so it's all felt quite unsettling and as if people are still feeling their way into their new roles.

Sudden changes
And for me, it's been an odd time because for most of this year I felt a sense of unease living where I was, in a flat share, and couldn't wait to get out and have my own space. I've been obsessed with the idea since January, which was when my flatmate decided her boyfriend could stay round what felt like ALL the time. I spent virtually hours scanning Rightmove and viewing a fair few properties, predictably getting stressed and confused about what to do. But guess what? Three weeks ago, I was sitting at home and had the thought, 'I bet it would be nice to live with so and so' referring to a friend of mine who lives in a shared house. then, literally two days later I discovered one of the girls was moving out so a room was free. Was this a coincidental thought I'd had, or guidance? I went round to the house, asked a few questions, and within a week I had moved in! So much for my own space! But here's the thing: I feel happier and more at home here because the vibe is different. I'm with a young Chinese student who's very sweet and most of the time stays in her room, and a really vibrant, positive yoga teacher, a bit older than me, who I love chatting to most evenings in the lounge as we share our mutual love of Ester Hicks (from www.abraham-hicks.com) as she's just been introduced to these law of attraction teachings, and mulling over our varied and interesting relationship histories! (She too is a fan of Sex and the City, though she doesn't give that impression as she's more your veggie eating, wheatgrass drinking, Barbara from the Good Life sort of gal).
Anyhow, the house is named the 'hippy healing house' and despite the fact it's a damn sight colder than my previous abode, I'm loving it. And it's nothing like the 'posh, executive, stylish' apartment I imagined for myself: it's full of sheepskin rugs, tantric deity statues, old fashioned water colours, most of which look like they came from a car boot sale (most of them probably did) and a very dated, wooden kitchen.
But guess what? All the 'issues' I had before - hating sharing the kitchen, getting irritated at hearing my flat mate laugh, groaning each time I got home and had to shove the door open against the mountain of shoes my she and her boyfriend build up around the front door - have all but disappears. AND there are shoes lining the hallway here, AND my new housemate laughs out loud, AND there is often someone in the kitchen when I go in there. So what changed? I'm not sure - perhaps it was just time for me to move. Perhaps the reason the flat purchase was taking so long to go through was because the universe knew it wasn't right and that this opportunity would emerge? I did wonder why, considering I had nothing to sell, it still had not happened when I put in the offer in June!

Manifestations speeding up?
Are all these rapid changes, not only in my outer circumstances but internally too, linked in to the wider changes happening 'out there'? Did I manifest this house move? People interested in 2012 have talked about manifestations speeding up at this time and to be careful what you wish for, which leads me to another subject - my car - but I'll save that for later in the week...

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