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Wednesday 24 October 2012

How to make good decisions - listening within

I subscribe to a site called DailyOm (www.dailyom.com) which delivers horoscopes each day. Yesterday's was spot on - and I read it this morning, so it didn't influence my day yesterday. 

“October 23, 2012
Instinctive Decision-Making
Scorpio Daily Horoscope
You may find yourself feeling disoriented and confused about making the best decisions today. Family matters, business decisions, and personal endeavors may all make you feel overwhelmed as you try to determine the best choices for your long-term growth. Dissolving indecision can be a simple process if you tune into the innate wisdom that lies within you today. In a period of quiet meditation, begin by setting aside all fears, worries, and doubts about which decisions are right or wrong. Empty your mind of stressful thoughts and allow yourself to rest in a haven of peace and well-being. Then imagine turning your attention inward to the center of yourself. See an image of your higher self, shining with brilliance and light, coming forward to meet you. You can then ask your higher self any questions you may have and receive the guidance you need. As we learn to tap into and trust this higher wisdom, we begin to feel more confident about making beneficial decisions.”

Well, I’m not sure I was able to do that as I ended up stressing over a major work-related decision, and then doubted myself the minute I made it, even though I'd asked my unconscious mind to give me an answer in my dreams and then I woke up thinking of a certain option, which I went with. 
This is a terrible habit of mine – doubting pretty much everything. I’m surprised I’ve gotten as far as I have in life with such a strong inner critic that seems to be on constant duty, making me question almost every decision I make.
Anyway, the point is, the horoscope was so spookily accurate – they often are from this site  – and made me realise I do need to meditate more and find inner stillness, as that is where the answers lie.

The meaning of success
I also smiled when reading Robert Holden’s quote for today, from his perpetual flip calendar, which said: “Measure your success by how much you smile, how much you laugh, and by how much you really enjoy yourself.” Hmmm!!! Yesterday the wasn’t much of any of those things, despite the few minutes of great salsa dancing. That too made me think I’ve not been very successful at enjoying life of late, being so bogged down in ‘serious’ matters – whicih ultimately, probably don’t matter all that much in the grand scheme of things.
Maybe I ought to prioritise fun rather than 'productivity' as no doubt the former will lead to the latter anyway as it puts one in a better mood, therefore more likely to feel like being creative and productive! 

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