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Tuesday 21 December 2010

Solstice lunar eclipse ritual

So what did I do to celebrate the solstice lunar eclipse on the sinter solstice? Well, as soon as I got home from work I set about clearing a tidying the little bedside table I have, which I decided to use as an altar/shrine for the purposes of dedicating a small space to my new intentions. Having spoken to Suz, my advertising lady, earlier in the day (the pagan and spell guru), she said today was a perfect day for setting intentions for the coming year: what I want to do, achieve, and also what to let go of.
So, I cleaned the small table, then put onto it two rose quartzes for love, some apopholite crystals (think I may have spelled that incorrectly!), two lazer quartz points, a citrine, a big old amethyst, a purple tea light in a glass holder, a heart-shaped pot with my incense stick in it, plus a smoothe rhodonite stone I got at work recently and which feels lovely to touch.
Then I sat and spent a good half hour or longer writing a list of all the things I am letting go of as of now. This list included many thing, including fear, guilt, doubt, inner stress, not believing in or trusting myself, listening to others over myself, not believing in myself plus many more. I then wrote on the same size piece of paper all the qualities I want to nurture and grow this year, including love, tollerance, patience, self-belief, courage, appreciation, honesty, integrity, joy, fun, plus lots of others. And then I wrote a list of a few things I want to happen next year (which I'll keep private for now but will let you know whether they happen in 12 months' time!).
Next, I read out each negative thing while looking into the candle flame, imagining releasing each thing. Afterwards, I ripped the paper into eight sections and burned each one in a fire-proof dish (actually I got scared if the paper burned too much, paranoid it might start a fire somehow, so I only burned the corners of the papers, but it was the symbolic gesture that counts!). I then flushed all the remaining pieces and ashes down the loo. Good riddance to negativity!!!
Next, I read all the positive qualities and statements aloud while holding onto my dedicated crystal, so that when I hold it next it will remind me of all those great qualities I am nurturing. This list I blu-tacked up on my wall where I will see it each morning.
As for the lists: well I put them under my pillow (as directed by Suz) so they can grow during my sleep.

This little ritual I made up, as I've learned it's more about the intention behind your actions than it is to follow any specific pre-set guidelines. And you know what? I feel pretty good having done it. It felt very symbolic saying good bye to bad habits and bad thinking, and encouraging positive thoughts and emotions - all on the lunar eclipse, to add even more power to my intentions!!!

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