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Tuesday 6 November 2012

Do you miss the details in life?

Just a quick blog because I must get to bed (early start at 5am!) but I noticed something the other day; I discovered an inside pocket in a jacket I've owned for about 14 years. It's not one I wear often, but still, I've worn it enough that I ought to have noticed this handy inner pocket. but yet I hadn't, until now. 
I was surprised by this and immediately reminded of how we can often overlook things that are right in front of us, or only see things in a certain way and not fully for what they are. We can often be blind to see the full picture and are too busy rushing, only noticing the obvious things. This state of not noticing, being too busy, caught up in our own thoughts to see the full picture,  is a modern malaise, surely. And it makes us miss things. In this case it was just a pocket, but it could have been something much larger.

The fact it was a hidden inner pocket was also, I felt, a metaphor for how we often fail to see what's on the inside too, which can apply to anything: a person, a place, a book, a job. 
I must remember to slow down and see within, both of myself and with others. There's so much more than just surface reality and the masks we wear in the world, which hide the hidden gems...

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