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Monday 21 February 2011

Find your soul mate!

Can you find love on line??? this is the subject of a talk I have just listened to on the Soulmate Summit website (see below for details). The Soul mate Summit has been going on since Valentines day and is on for another couple of days and it’s basically daily seminars on line about relationship and dating advice – basically how to prepare yourself for love and find the best kind of guy for you (or girl, but it’s mainly aimed at women).
I’ve just listened to the seminar by Evan Marc Katz, all about online dating and how to set up a great profile that will make you stand out from others, and get great results. And I wanted to share a couple of really important points he made, which are actually about the dating process, not so much about online dating specifically. 

Get smooching
1) Decide what sort of dates you want to have. i.e. are you really happy with afternoon coffee dates? Evan says kissing is an important part of determining chemistry, and how can you kiss someone if it’s the middle of the afternoon in a cafĂ©? He suggests trying to arrange things so it’s a Friday or Saturday night, so you don’t have to worry about work, and letting the man make the arrangements. He is by no means advocating falling into bed with someone on a first date (he goes into this in more detail) but says if you can’t even kiss someone – if you want to, that is – you might miss out on knowing whether they are right or not as you can often tell a lot from a kiss.

Be still, open and receptive
2) He says that as a woman, you have to stand still with your arms open (metaphorically) and let the men come to you. That’s right – don’t run towards them when you sense one is coming to you, i.e. taking the man’s role, and don’t run in the opposite direction, hoping he will chase after you and this will create more attraction, i.e. as in what The Rules advocates. Instead, be open and receptive to love, and if a good man comes along he will make the effort with you and it will be easy. If something is not easy and you are over analysing his behavior, why he hasn’t called, making excuses for him, etc, it’s probably not going to work out. 

Put in some ground work
3) If you want to meet a guy, put in around half an hour a day onto online dating, just like you would spend half an hour doing hair and make up, or making a meal etc. make it a part of your routine, get a great profile, and realise that a guy isn’t; going to just miraculously find you if you just hang out in all the same places and with all the same married friends. You do have to put in some effort, usually, to be available to men. So if you do this, he says, you will definitely find someone by the end of the year. 

Oh and he also says not to be so choosy, as we can get incredibly picky when it comes to looking through on line profiles and often rule people out who might be great for us!!!

Again, I’m sorry I didn’t share this earlier as the summit has been going on for at least a week already. Personally, I am in no place to be giving out relationship advice (as my friends will attest to!) but the people on this seminar programme know what they are talking about. So take note!!!

Visit www.soulmatesummit.net/event. Marc’s talk will probably only be live for another few hours (they are all only available for 24 hours) but there will be more tomorrow.

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