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Tuesday 16 November 2010

How to transform your life

Have recently finished reading Loving What Is, by Byron Katie. It may have been out  few years, but this book is incredible. In my opinion if you only buy one new spiritual book this year, make it this one - especially if you have loads if issues either with other people or other things. This gets you to see life in a whole new way; it sheds light on your beliefs, most of which are not true, and allows you to free yourself from them.
The January issue will have an article by Byron Katie on her famous process, called The Work, but it's worth buying the book too. If you really embrace the process, then you will find yourself inquiring into your beliefs all the time, such as 'he should do this', 'it should not be windy today', 'I hate it when so and so does this' etc. It works on the most petty things, too! right up to world events.

Anyway, I'll probably write more on it another time, but if you do read it, I'd love to have your comments.

On another note, am off to see Amma tomorrow to get a hug! I've heard about these infamous hugs and how they can almost be a moment of enlightenment, so the Soul & Spirit team is heading down to London to check her out and hopefully get hugs to find out what it is like!!! I'll let you know

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  1. Good read but there are so many ways to transform the life , not just a single one. When one decides to transform the life, then the ways show up automatically.